All-climate Greenhouse: growing in different climatic zones


Naaldwijk, 19 maart 2019

All-climate Greenhouse: growing in different climatic zones

An innovative greenhouse with the latest technology is being developed in World Horti Center's research centre which can be used to replicate the climate anywhere in the world. 
This All-climate greenhouse is being created thanks to a collaboration between Dutch knowledge, consultancy and technology companies and will be used for (international) training purposes. 
Hortilux Schréder, Priva, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, AAB NL, Ridder Hortimax, Stolze, Bom Group, Lentiz | MBO Westland and Demokwekerij Westland came together earlier this year to create this All-climate greenhouse with the latest technology. The joint knowledge and expertise of the partners resulted in the design for this innovative greenhouse, which will be physically created in the World Horti Center research centre. The All-climate greenhouse is currently under construction. 
Both the indoor and outdoor climate can be adjusted in the All-climate greenhouse, making it possible to simulate the growing conditions anywhere in the world. The All-climate greenhouse will be completed at the beginning of May, and the first crop will be started. “We can then use the greenhouse for international training courses, marking a further step in sharing knowledge. We can then start a crop simultaneously in both the Netherlands and abroad, share knowledge and experience together and exchange ideas about how to make the right crop choices. We are currently able to view and adjust cultivation data from the Netherlands and give advice on it. If you grow a crop under the same conditions, you get fresh insights,” says Natascha Faessen from Hoogendoorn. 
Students on the Lentiz Horti Technics & Management course will be making intensive use of this innovative greenhouse. “This will allow the students to experience what it’s like to grow crops in different climatic zones. Soon we will be able to simulate a particular outdoor climate, to which we can apply different climate strategies in the two sections. Hence we can switch from the climate in Colombia to that of Vietnam, for instance. The greenhouses are also equipped with software from Priva, Hoogendoorn and Hortimax, and we can select one of the systems during a class and also switch systems during the class. This will prepares the new generation of cultivation managers and operations managers for a future role which could be anywhere in the world,” says Roel van Heijningen from Lentiz | MBO Westland. 

Rianne Vink

Erscheinungsdatum: 20 März 2019

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