Bom Group joins Club of 100 of Wageningen University & Research

Bom Group joins Club of 100 of Wageningen University & Research

Bom Group has joined the Club of 100 of the Greenhouse Horticulture Business Unit of Wageningen University & Research. The aim of the Club of 100 is for the Dutch horticultural cluster to maintain its lead in the field of knowledge by conducting strategic research. Mike Vermeij, CEO of Bom Group: "Greenhouse horticulture faces a number of challenges that we have to tackle collectively."

Members of the Club of 100 gain access to the broad expertise of the Greenhouse Horticulture business unit of Wageningen University & Research. In this way they contribute to the financing of applied strategic research in the Netherlands. Participation in the Club of 100 consists of two parts: 50% of the investment remains available to the company (in the form of quick access to knowledge). The other 50% is spent on pre-competitive projects. 74 companies are now affiliated with the Club of 100.

Bom Group and greenhouse horticulture

Bom Group (Bom Greenhouses, Bom Holding and other operating companies - ed.) Specializes in turnkey projects, greenhouse constructions, climate systems and screen installations. The company will join the Club of 100 for 5 years, instead of the usual 2 years. Managing Director Mike Vermeij: “Our strategy revolves around sustainable innovation. By sustainable we also mean long-term cooperation with business relations: that provides both parties with more options and certainties. That is why we want to work intensively with WUR for five years on developments and concepts within greenhouse horticulture. "

Sjaak Bakker, manager of the Greenhouse Horticulture Business Unit of Wageningen University & Research: “It is special that the Bom Group is entering into a membership for five years.” Jan Willem de Vries, founding father of the Club of 100: “This is a compliment for the work of the Club of 100. The Bom Group website states: 'We use our knowledge, experience and our network to develop sustainable horticultural projects that are profitable and meet the current and future needs of the world population.' a sentence that fits seamlessly with the Club of 100. "

Innovative greenhouses

The Greenhouse Horticulture Business Unit of Wageningen University & Research and the Bom Group have been working together for some time. For example, the ZoWaKas was built in Bleiswijk in 2008 (later renamed the SunergieKas). In this greenhouse, Het Nieuwe Telen was 'born': this is a new cultivation method in which the plant is central. De Vries: “It has brought an enormous change in the management of the greenhouse climate and has led to enormous energy savings.” Later, the Bom Group also built the Winterlight greenhouse: this lets in as much light as possible, which leads to higher production. Greenhouse delivered in 2030: this makes fossil-free and circular cultivation possible.


Publicationdate: 3 September 2020

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