Bom Group is proud partner of PHYSEE Technologies with their new product: PAR+ Greenhouse Solution

Bom Group is proud partner of PHYSEE with their new product: PAR+ Greenhouse Solution

PHYSEE is expert in the field of coatings for glass. Their expertise in the field of coatings for glass has led to the development of luminescent coatings that convert harmful UV light into photosynthetic active radiation, otherwise known as PAR light. This coating is called PAR+. This convergence allows for a 4% increase in crop growth for fruit vegetables grown in greenhouses, without the use of additional artificial lighting.

The luminescent coating converts ultraviolet light into an extra 4% PAR light with a relative boost in the blue spectrum of 400 - 550 nm. 1% more PAR light allows for 1% more crop growth of fruit vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries and bell peppers without the need for artificial lighting using unnecessary energy.

For fruit vegetables, 1% of increase in PAR = 1% of increase in crop yield. For potted plants and bedding plants, the relative increase in the blue spectrum reduces stretching, effectively making PAR+ a sustainable alternative to hormonal stretch retardants. Next to this, PAR+ inherently makes the light diffuse, another proven process of boosting crop yield.

As Bom Group we are trying to be always one-step ahead and therefor we fully support these types of new innovations and developments. It was a logical step to become partners with PHYSEE and help them in their next step. Together with our R&D department we proudly have made steps forward!

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Publicationdate: 8 December 2020

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