Project supervision

Many disciplines and parties are involved in the development and realisation of greenhouse horticulture projects.  That is why we support our clients from start to finish. For disciplines that Bom Group does not have in-house, it works together with prominent partners. From this coordinating role, we ensure impeccable project realisation.

Bom Group places a high priority on continuity and aims for long-term relationships with its clients. We are a dependable partner that fulfils its agreements!


Financial feasibility


Large-scale horticulture projects are associated with financial issues. Clarity with respect to project costs, expected yields and the final returns is needed in advance.

Bom Group has good relationships with financial institutions and experts that understand greenhouse horticulture and operate worldwide. We can put our clients in touch with these if desired. They know the route to subsidy regulations and possible investment partners.



Bom Group employees are experienced and creative, which means they are able to realise custom projects. To continue this line, Bom Group offers traineeships for new employees. So that nothing is left to chance, young talent is given internal training by experienced experts, which ensures that the Bom Group has a diverse, flexible and extremely strong team.

Growing management


Grow management is a crucial factor for success. It results in higher quality and higher production per square metre. The Bom Group network, with its specialists and experts, can offer help with respect to cultivation. We’d be delighted to put you in touch with the right people.



The number of companies is increasing annually, which is why it is important to distinguish yourself from the competition. Your reach also increases through the use of marketing; ‘the sky’s the limit’. However, some knowledge of marketing and contacts in the sales market is needed for this. To help a company make progress, we can call on our network. This is one of the services we offer.



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