Low Carbon Farming project documentary

Low Carbon Farming project documentary

We are more than proud to present our short documentary about our Low Carbon Farming project in the United Kingdom. This 29 hectare project is designed on behalf on an idea that was started in the beginning of 2016.

The Low Carbon Farming project is an overarching umbrella that consist three projects namely; Place Farms 127.000m2, Crown Point North 94.000m2 and Crown Point South 67.000m2 with a combined surface of 290.000m2. In these facilities tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers will be grown which will cover approximately 5% of domestic demand.

The idea to start this project was to use waste heat from a sewer treatment station nearby to warm up the greenhouses. This vision fits us like a glove. Internally Bom Group formed a team with various of specialists to get the project on the move. Basically the sewer provides us low grade heat which we can turn-up to use in the greenhouse as a heating source through an closed loop system. This Low Carbon Farming project is therefore an example of sustainability and has a big contribution to healthy and safe food which is going to be produced locally.

Bom Group is main contractor of this project which means that besides the greenhouse, screening, heating, water and electricity we are also responsible for all the utilities and so on. The ‘’new-normal’’ asks for full end-to-end turnkey solutions and this project, Low Carbon Farming, is as turnkey as it can be!


Curious about our documentary? Please find Low Carbon Farming project documentary below.

дата публикации: 21 октября 2020

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