Opening All Climate Greenhouse: A unique masterpiece of greenhouse horticulture technology

Last Friday the All-Climate Greenhouse was opened in the World Horti Center. This revolutionary project, which Bom Group also participated in, will primarily be used for education. At the opening that was attended with attention, John Meijer gave a presentation on behalf of Bom Group in which he once again explained what a unique project this is. We also want to congratulate all parties involved with this project, and we hope for a long-term cooperation!

The goal of the All-Climate Greenhouse is that it can mimic any climate in the world, which means that the cultivation of various crops can be optimized. It works as follows: the secret of the All-Climate Greenhouse is that it is actually two greenhouses. The outer greenhouse determines the climate and the crop grows in the inner greenhouse.

Have you become curious about the All-Climate Greenhouse? Then contact us or visit the World Horti Center!

There is also a piece written on bpnieuws:


дата публикации: 10 июля 2019

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