Walter Bruins Slot new Operational Director (COO) at Bom Group

Walter Bruins Slot new Operational Director (COO) at Bom Group

Bom Group strengthened their organisation. As of the first of July they have employed Walter Bruins Slot as new COO to succeed the current COO, Rob Grootscholten, who will retire in 2021 after more than 43 years of employment at Bom Group. Walter has a lot of experience in the construction, production and offshore industry and in this way has wide and broad technical and organizational reference thus knowledge base.

In the function of Chief Operational Officer Walter will be responsible for the Operations within Bom Group. Engineering, Production, Logistics, Project Management and Construction on site of small or big, basic or innovative Horticultural projects will be done under his responsibility, which he will organize with the existing Bom team!

“Bom Group is a renown innovative Turnkey partner in Horticulture. Has always been and still is one of the most innovative companies active in the global Horticultural business. The way Bom Group has developed and adapted in the last years has been remarkable. The strong will and effort they put into strategic cooperation with multiple parties is inspiring. It is an interesting sector and great opportunity for me to be part of Bom Group team and to further support and develop the plans Bom Group has. It is an honour to be a part of this team!” Walter Bruins Slot said.

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дата публикации: 24 июля 2020

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