Bom Group remains certified

On December 3 and 4 2018, and January 9 2019, Bom Group has auditors of EBN Certification B.V. and Kiwa Nederland BV visitied for an controle audit for ISO 9001: 2015, VCA ** 2008/5.1 and EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011

They have all assessed the three certificates postively and confirmed that the quality management system of Bom Group meets the requirements in the set standards. This means that Bom Group may continue the certificates for ISO 9001, VCA ** and EN 1090.

Bom Group will make very effort to identify improvements and to continue to implement the policy and objective of the organization as well as to comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

Publicationdate: 28 January 2019

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