Innovation is the message that Bom Group aims to disseminate. We innovate based on market developments that change continuously, which means that the Research and Development department is in constant movement. In this dynamic sector, Bom Group is always searching for opportunities to improve installations and systems or to make these more sustainable.


The constant search for improvement is what drives Bom Group every day, enabling it to contribute to the future of the greenhouse horticulture sector.




Company founder, Piet Bom, made his name with the development of the storm-proof ridge section. The introduction of the aluminium gutter in 1982 put the company on the international map. This light, but extremely strong gutter stood out because of its slim-line design, which generated more light.



These days, Bom Group has a fully-fledged R&D department that continuously devises solutions for complex issues. The company works in a structured way with knowledge institutes, specialised suppliers and service-providers who strengthen and complement the core business. What once started as a small family greenhouse construction business has grown to become a leading all-round, world-class player.



The global population is growing, the area of fertile agricultural land is reducing and good drinking water is becoming scarce. High-tech horticulture enables extremely efficient production of food crops and ornamental plants. Bom Group is one of the frontrunners in this and is continuously pushing the boundaries. This also makes us a reliable partner for the projects of tomorrow.