Quality has been key for over 50 years. We work in accordance with high standards that are defined in certified quality systems. Independent auditors check periodically whether the company meets the requirements. Bom Group is certified for:

-        VCA** (Safety Checklist for Contractors)

-        ISO 9001

-        EN 1090


Research & Development


Innovation is a prominent theme in the company’s history. The Research & Development department works continuously to develop new technological solutions for the issues of today and tomorrow. This is one of our core qualities.

in-house production


Bom Group takes care of the production of greenhouse constructions and screen and climate systems itself. This means that we are not dependent on third party delivery times and we can immediately implement any special modifications. This gives us maximum control of progress and quality and makes us a reliable and flexible partner.



Bom Group comprises three disciplines, namely greenhouse construction, screen and climate systems. By combining the three components, Bom Group can deliver a total project equipped with the very latest technologies. Pooling its expertise and experience enables Bom Group to operate in every climate zone in the world.