Investing in solar panels is a valuable investment.

Solar solutions greenhouse


Together towards a sustainable future!

The Dutch glasshouse horticulture industry has the ambition to be a climate-neutral sector by 2040. Sustainable energy is also an important theme globally. Investing in solar panels is a valuable investment, and you immediately contribute to a sustainable future. Bom Group is happy to help you in reducing your CO2 footprint and increase your returns on investment!

With Bom Group solar solutions you can integrate customized solar panels into your (existing) greenhouse roof. The use of solar panels above the service- and packaging areas is a highly effective way to efficiently double the use of your greenhouse. The solar panels generate green electricity that can be used immediately for powering all installations in the greenhouse. Of course, we will make sure that there will be a possibility to deliver the electricity back to the grid.


Bom Group can assist you throughout the entire process. From the (subsidy) application and the preparation of all technical calculations, up to and including the installation of the solar panels along with the electrical connection, and everything in between.

We supply customized solar panels that have been developed especially for your greenhouse roof. Would you like more information about our solar panel solutions? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities for your greenhouse? Please feel free to contact us at

The future of sustainability is present on and in your greenhouse. Are you facing other challenges in the energy transition? Also hereby, we're happy to help you find solutions!