The type of greenhouse and construction method determines the final cultivation environment. Our greenhouses are developed and produced in-house, enabling us to respond to the client’s wishes and to guarantee quality. Flexibility is needed in order to modify each greenhouse entirely to the local climate conditions. We use a number of greenhouse designs within our range, which function optimally, wherever they are used in the world.

Venlo greenhouses


The Venlo greenhouse is the most-built type of greenhouse worldwide. Venlo greenhouses are known for their galvanised steel and aluminium frame. The glass Venlo greenhouses are suitable for all kinds of cultivation and every climate. Bom Group offers the Twinlight® for this greenhouse type. The innovative Twinlight® construction with its smart cross-connection enables greenhouses with taller column heights. For you, this offers an important result: a more consistent cultivation climate

Venlo greenhouse front view
Venlo greenhouse inside view
Venlo greenhouse corner view

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F-Clean greenhouse


In collaboration with AGC Green-Tech (Japan), Bom Group has developed its own F-Clean ® greenhouse. F-Clean ® is a film material that looks like plastic film, but behaves like a membrane, which means it has to be tensioned. It is available in clear and diffuse versions, both single and double layered. Energy savings of around 30% are possible by using two layers of F-Clean ®.



  • Less damage and consequential damage in the event of earthquake
  • Less damage and consequential damage in the event of hail
  • Less damage and consequential damage in the event of high winds
F-Clean greenhouse
F-Clean greenhouse
F-Clean greenhouse

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Cabriolet greenhouse


The Bom Group cabriolet greenhouse offers a protected and controllable environment for crops. Partially or fully opening the roof offers the possibility for plants to harden off in the outdoor air. The Bom Venlo greenhouse construction forms the basis of this flexible cabriolet greenhouse. The construction is available in a galvanised finish, as well as a white coating to create more light. Bom Group’s cabriolet greenhouse is suitable for both glass and plastic glazing.

Cabriolet greenhouse front view
Cabriolet greenhouse top view
Cabriolet greenhouse inside view

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Solar greenhouse


The Bom Group Solar Greenhouse offers the best of both worlds!

With the Bom Group Solar Greenhouse, it is possible to grow flowers, plants and / or vegetables on the one hand, and to generate electricity on the other. Because the decrease in fossil energy sources and the use of solar energy is becoming increasingly topical in greenhouse horticulture, this is the greenhouse of the future! Bom Group has developed its own Solar-roof system so that the solar panels can be fully integrated with the roof. With the Solar Greenhouse you contribute to the future.

Solar greenhouse front view
Solar greenhouse inside view
Solar greenhouse inside view


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Winter light greenhouse


Bom Group’s winter light greenhouse is a new greenhouse design that, in combination with a new type of screen, screen fabric and special glass, yields over 10% more light! The highest returns are achieved with the screen system in the closed position, but even with the screen system open, there is still a considerable increase in light.


The winter light greenhouse was developed in collaboration with Wageningen UR, Ludvig Svensson, Bayer Cropscience and Glascom Tuinbouw. The project was in part facilitated by the Greenhouse as an Energy Source programme, the LTO Glaskracht Nederland’s innovation and campaign programme, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Winter light greenhouse front view
Winter light greenhouse inside view
Winter light greenhouse inside view

view successfully executed Winter light greenhouse projects 


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