Jan Reijm positive about test results Winterlight greenhouse

Jan Reijm positive about test results Winterlight greenhouse

"Not looking for arguments why something is not possible, but looking at how it can be done at your company''.

Jan Reijm from Cucumber Nursery Reijm & Zn. Grows high wire cucumbers in Berkel and Rodenrijs together with his father and uncle. The company covers 4.5 hectares and Reijm & Zn. has purchased another 8 hectares company. Next year they will still be growing peppers, but the intention in 2020 is to grow 8 hectares of lighted cucumbers on high wire in this new location. For the third consecutive year, Reijm is supervising trials at Wageninen University & Research in Bleiswijk. In 2016 in the 2SaveEnergyKas and in 2017 and 2018 in the Winterlight greenhouse.

Do not search for arguments that are not possible

Jan Reijm calls the results this year in the winter light greenhouse spectacular: one long cultivation of 11 months thanks to earthing, top production and a energy consumption lower than 20 m3/m2. When asked whether the test greenhouse is representative for the practice, Jan replies that you should not look for arguments why something is not possible, but that you must want to learn how it can be better at your own company with the knowledge from the tests.

Work nicely

Reijm also mentions the low disease and pest pressure in the trial as striking. Perhaps this has to do with the neat work and hygiene. He also tries to work tidier at his own company and to pay more attention to labor. This will pay of in more production.

Dehumidify with outside air

Reijm switched crop advisor in 2018, which has led to less fencing on his own company. Perhaps that is why he was less troubled by greenhouse heads, although Reijm indicates that this may also have to do with the light spring. In the future he hopes to be able to invest in a dehumidification installation and then the screens will close more often.

Source: Kas als Energiebron

Publicationdate: 20 November 2018

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