Bom Group and Den Berk Délice: together we make the difference!

Bom Group and Den Berk Délice: together we make the difference!


" We are always looking for the most optimal installation in cooperation with Bom Group, with which the highest production and best quality can be achieved " - Luc Beirinckx, manager Den Berk Délice

The beginning

In recent years, Den Berk Délice has built a strong position in the market and they have been named by Trends as one of the fastest growing companies in Belgium. It is not the ambition to be the largest, but to grow the tastiest tomatoes, says Luc Beirinckx. According to Den Berk Délice, there is a clear trend in healthy food, grown in a sustainable environment. Bom Group and Den Berk Délice are joining forces to pursue this trend and offer a solution to the market.

The long-term cooperation between Bom Group and Den Berk Délice originated in the 90s with a project where Bom Group was allowed to provide greenhouse and heating. The contact between Bom Group and Den Berk Délice was created by the joint vision in advanced technologies, innovation and high quality. The 3-hectare greenhouse with heating installation was the start of a long-term intensive collaboration in which we have grown closer together.


"Den Berk Délice was born out of a sincere friendship and a shared drive and ambition for growing taste tomatoes" - Loes van der Velden, marketing Den Berk Délice



Bom Group and Den Berk Délice are always looking for the most optimal installation, with which the highest production and the best quality can be pursued. Den Berk Délice specializes in growing tomatoes. The range has five specialties, each of which is generous in taste and experience, making them a unique partner. The high-quality greenhouse, screen and heating installations from Bom Group contribute to this, which makes us a proud partner.


"Through personal agreement and a shared vision for the future, I consider the collaboration between Bom Group and Den Berk Délice as very valuable" "- Martin van Zeijl, Senior Sales Manager Bom Group

Trustworthy partner

Together we strive for high profit and we keep each other sharp in terms of technology, service and efficiency. One of the services that makes Bom Group a reliable partner is relieving us of projects. ‘’From design to operational, Bom Group takes its responsibility and thinks along with the company, environment and situation’’.



One of the joint points for attention is sustainability. Den Berk Délice uses recyclable packaging material and the "On the Way to Planetproof" label to distinguish itself in a sustainable way. On the other hand, Bom Group is working on this by investing in technologies that are used in greenhouses such as; All Climate Greenhouse, KAS2030 and The Water Saving Greenhouse. By combining strengths, Den Berk Délice is, among other things, capable of supplying heat to a surrounding company.

"Den Berk Délice is an example for the sector and through a joint vision and progressive techniques it fits perfectly with Bom Group"- John Meijer, commercial director of Bom Group

Realized projects

Bom Group and Den Berk Délice have a rich history when it comes to projects. Over the years, Bom Group has provided Den Berk Délice with around 60 hectares of heating, 20 hectares of greenhouse and the necessary connections for CHPs and heat buffers. One of the highlights was in 2011 when the first greenhouse was fitted with anti-reflective glass (AR glass). This ensures that more light enters, which leads to a higher and therefore more efficient production.


"Continue according to the chosen path, towards the future" - Luc Beirinckx, managing director Den Berk Délice

On to the future!

With the new location of Den Berk Délice, where Bom Group has provided the heating, they continue to work on the chosen path and grow with a focus on taste and quality. With the next expansion already on the agenda, Den Berk Délice continues to grow in size, quality and specialty. We look forward to the future together with them and to continue working on sustainable and innovative solutions!

Publicationdate: 14 February 2020

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