Bom Group is part of the greenhouse horticulture consortium that signed an agreement with Kazakhstan in the presence of prime ministers!

Bom Group is part of the greenhouse horticultural consortium that signed an agreement with Kazakhstan in the presence of prime ministers.

A consortium of seven Dutch Greenhouse Delta partners concluded an agreement to develop the first phase of a large-scale agricultural park in the south of Kazakhstan. The ceremony took place in the presence of Prime Ministers Mamin and Rutte during the Kazakh-Dutch business forum at WTC The Hague. This unique collaboration is based on best practice: the Dutch horticulture sector is pursuing its interests together and has successfully secured financial support from the Kazakh government and the local authority.

Kazakhstan affords ample attractive economic opportunities and possibilities for the Dutch business community. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) between DAL Agro Park and the consortium of seven Dutch greenhouse horticultural enterprises is an excellent example. Bom Group leads this consortium, which also consists of Codema Systems Group, Van der Ende Group, Hagelunie, Van der Hoeven, Ludvig Svensson and Priva. All consortium members are partners of Dutch Greenhouse Delta.

The agreement commits DAL Agro Park and the consortium to the technological, social and economic development of the 200-hectare agricultural park. The first phase of around six months will be financially supported by the local authority and the Kazakh government. During this period, the Dutch companies will invest time, money and knowledge in designing and developing general facilities for the park, including energy, water, infrastructure and education. In addition, they will also build a sustainable greenhouse complex as a production location in this phase.

Eric Egberts, CEO of Dutch Greenhouse Delta: ‘’As DGD we are of course excited to see yet another concrete, extensive project come off the ground and are proud of our partners role in this. It shows that we have significant impact as a platform and that we, as individual Dutch companies but also as a sector, are able to respond to complex customer needs.


Pictures: Rolf van Koppen

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Publicationdate: 1 November 2019

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