Construction of unique greenhouse complex on Floriade site has started!

Construction of unique greenhouse complex on Floriade site has started              Floriade.jpg

The construction of the unique greenhouse complex ‘’The Green House’’ has recently been started by Bom Group from Hoek van Holland. The ground work has already been completed and the first contours of the greenhouse complex are now also becoming visible. The Green House will be completed in March 2022. The Green House will be THE place at Floriade Expo 2022 where Dutch Horticulture will present itself to the world in the broadest sense of the word.

With an area of 1 hectare, The Green House will be the largest building at the Floriade Expo 2022. From the 170-meter-long elevated promenade, visitors can fully experience the sheer size of the complex with a nice view on the exhibition that will be on display here. The Green House has a significant difference in height of almost three meters over the length of the greenhouse. This difference in height is bridged by the construction of four large ‘terraces’. It is therefore not a standard greenhouse and a challenging project for the greenhouse builder Bom Group. John Meijer of Bom Group: ‘’It is certainly a challenging project, but we are used to this. In the greenhouse horticulture sector we face challenges on a daily basis, but we can do a lot with united forces. The Green House is a wonderful showcase for our company and for greenhouse horticulture, to be able to put this down on a world-class platform, we as Bom Group are particularly proud of that.’’

Not only the size of the building is impressive. The design is also striking, playful and challenging. V8 Architects from Rotterdam was inspired for the design by the imposing Crystal Palace that was built in London in 1851. With the use of different types of glass such as transparent glass, textured glass and whitewashed class, a special play of light is created in the greenhouse complex. This is enhanced by a ‘mirror sea’, a series of mirrors that give a special effect for visitors by reflecting the sky and the green surroundings.

The Green House will be the stage for Dutch Horticulture with product submissions of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. The latest innovations and developments in areas such as circular agriculture, climate adaptation, biodiversity and food supply are also shown. In the High Tech Greenhouse, the four demo crops strawberry, pepper, gerbera and potted Anthurium show what innovative and sustainable cultivation looks like. In the Technical Innovation Center, the visitor gains insight into future cultivation methods, including a robotic vertical farm, drones and other types of robots.


The 5,000 m2 Experience Greenhouse is the place where visitors can marvel at the beauty and variety of countless flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. Arranger Heleen Valstar and Floriade Horticultural Team are in full dialogue with participants and entrants who will form an impressive presentation of the horticultural sector together. They can still register to participate in the Green House until 1 November.  

In addition to the experience, the visitor will be emphatically presented with the meaning of all these beautiful green products: what impact does green have on daily life and on the feeling of health and happiness?

Floriade Expo 2022 From April 14 to October 9, 2022, Almere will be the stage for the world horticultural exhibition Floriade Expo 2022. Dutch horticulture will then, together with national and international partners, present innovations and solutions for sustainable and liveable cities. The theme ‘’Growing Green Cities’’ is central on the 60-hectare site. The exhibition is a short travel distance from Amsterdam and directly on the A6 with a view of the skyline of Almere.


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Publicationdate: 20 October 2021

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