Growing Green Companies

Bom Group is featured in a Growing Green Companies episode of Floriade Expo 2022. Growing Green Companies visit companies that implement green innovations. These innovations are closely connected with the Floriade themes: Greening, Feeding, Healthying, and Energizing the City.

The theme of the Floriade fits seamlessly with what we, and the Dutch greenhouse horticulture, have been doing well for years. Using Dutch knowledge, experience, technologies and techniques, to make it possible to grow anything in a high-tech glass greenhouse worldwide, in any climate.

One of our innovative greenhouse horticulture projects is The Green House at Floriade Expo 2022. Watch our debut in Growing Green Companies below.

At Floriade Park, people can get to know greenhouse horticulture in The Green House. The Green House is the place to be at the Floriade, where everything that is sustainable and high-tech in greenhouse horticulture comes together. It is a statement on behalf of the entire Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and Bom Group is proud that we have been able to build this.

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is one of the most innovative sectors in which developments follow at a rapid pace. For example, constant progress is being made in, among other things, efficient and sustainable climate systems for greenhouses. Innovations also follow each other in rapid succession in the field of integration of renewable energy, control technology and water-saving techniques. The Netherlands is a leader in this regard.

TheGreenHouseFloriadeIn the high-tech section of The Green House, visitors can see which technologies and techniques make it possible, for example, to grow tomatoes in the middle of the desert. Being independent of local climatic conditions is possible with a
high-tech glass greenhouse.

View the project The Green House at Floriade Expo 2022.


Publicationdate: 1 August 2022

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