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Bom Group in Discovery Channel’s ‘’How Do They Do It’’!

The greenhouses building of the future is within range and actually already started. In this season of ‘’How Do They Do It’’ on Discovery Channel, host Tim Senders visited innovative companies that all operate sustainably in their own way. In the fourth episode of the season, greenhouse horticulture is in the spotlight, among other things. Greenhouse horticulture is a highly innovative and sustainable sector with one mission: To feed the mouths of the (increasing) world population.

Episode four focuses on the KAS2030 (fossil-free greenhouse). The KAS2030 is fully electric and does not use fossil fuels. In addition, there is minimal use of water through recirculation and through the recovery of evaporation of the plants. This semi-closed greenhouse project was conceived, designed and realized in collaboration between Bom Group and Wageningen University & Research. In the episode, Tim Senders visits the KAS2030 where, led by Jouke Campen and Frank Kempkes, he receives more information about the applied techniques and research possibilities.

But the key-question remained: ‘’How Do They Do It?’’ To find this out, Discovery Channel visited our company, Bom Group. In this episode you will learn more about Bom Group, our projects and our philosophy of providing the world with fresh, safe and locally grown food.

We are of course very proud to have been able to participate in this world-famous program and we are happy to show our innovations to the world.

Watch this special episode here:

Publicationdate: 30 June 2021

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