Sustainability for the future: Organic growing

BIOhof Kirchweidach is the name of the new company of the Steiner family. Since 2014, the Steiner family's greenhouse horticulture business has grown to more than 20 hectares. Bom Group and the Steiner family have had a long partnership and would like to tell more about this organic cultivation.

The BIOhof Kirchweidach location has five different compartments and three crops: peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. The climate-friendly energy concept that the company uses is unique and a showcase for sustainability and ecological heat use throughout Europe.

Our own compost is used in the organic greenhouse, and the rainwater from the greenhouse cover is also collected and used. For the energy concept, photovoltaic screens have been installed, waste heat from a biogas plant is used and BIOhof is also connected to geothermal heat.

Bom Group develops these techniques together with its customers that contribute to a more sustainable production of healthy food!

Photos of the project can be found here.

There is also a newsitem published in the hortidaily, which can be found with the link below:

Publicationdate: 12 July 2019

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