World Horticultural Center to be established in Jinning, China Bom Greenhouses cooperates with Jinning State-owned capital Operation and Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology


Three companies are joining forces to launch a collaboration in the field of horticulture in Jinning, China. Jinning State-Owned Capital Operation (Jinning Company), Bom Greenhouses (Bom Group) and Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology will realize a 30 ha World Horticultural Center. 

With Jinning Company as the initiators to establish a World Horticultural Center, Aibida will assist and support the venture, while Bom Group will act as the project's technical consultant. A general technical consulting service contract was signed this Monday, December 11th 2023.

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Jinning Company
Situated in Kunming, the heart of China's floral hub, Jinning Company has a strong commitment to driving the development of the horticulture sector. The company has successfully built a state-of-the-art flower industry park with nearly 200 hectares of greenhouses and an international flower logistics center. With the new World Horticultural Center, they are looking to create an innovative and functional location with research laboratories, a 25 ha greenhouse, an ecological park, and several education and meeting spaces. "With our partners, we aim to create a world-class horticultural center that will serve as a catalyst for the development of the sector, both locally and globally", they explain. 

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Aibida has extensive expertise in horticultural sciences and technology. Their focus lies in modern horticulture techniques and research, making them a perfect collaborator for Jinning Company in their quest to establish a World Horticultural Center. 

Bom Group will provide technical support and expert advice throughout the project, helping Jinning Company establish a horticultural center.

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Working together
The signing of a technology consulting agreement between Jinning Company and Bom Group solidifies their commitment to working together in achieving their shared vision. The collaboration brings together the strengths of the three entities, with Jinning Company's local knowledge and infrastructure, Aibida’s scientific expertise, and Bom Groups technical guidance. 

Through this collaboration, Jinning Company, Bom Group, and Aibida  strive to promote innovation, sustainability, and growth in the horticulture sector, ultimately benefiting not only the local community but also the global industry.  "With the combined efforts and expertise of these three entities, the establishment of the World Horticultural Center is set to become a milestone in the development of the horticulture sector, elevating Jinning's position as a global leader in floral cultivation and innovation", the partners conclude. 

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Publicatiedatum: 11 december 2023

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