Bom Group and Beijing HortiPolaris sign MOU for a brand-new high-tech greenhouse project!

Bom Group and Beijing HortiPolaris sign MOU for a brand-new high-tech greenhouse project!

Since two years Bom Group and Beijing HortiPolaris are working together to develop sustainable and future-proof greenhouse projects in China. Very soon the construction will start of a brand new greenhouse where high-quality cherry tomatoes will be grown. 

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Last Thursday (9th of May) Dan Xu and Ruben Kalkman signed the contract for the start of a 10 hectare greenhouse project in Yunnan. Under supervision of Ms. Fang Wang (HortiPolaris), Mr. Yuchong Chen (HortiPolaris), Ms. Kangni Liu (HortiPolaris), Rick van den Ende (Bom Group) and Rob de Wit(Bom Group) the two companies committed themselves to work together on more projects in China.


The companies complement each other well because while Bom Group is specialist in the design, production and construction of the complete greenhouse project, HortiPolaris is the specialist in growing high-quality cherry tomatoes and complete operation in the greenhouse. ‘’This is a perfect combination says Rob de Wit’’.

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Bom Group and Beijing HortiPolaris share the same vision and ideas. Both companies are always looking for innovative solutions and quality is key in their way of doing business. Ruben Kalkman: ‘’I am happy to start the first project with HortiPolaris, I truly believe in them and I am confident that it will be a great success!’’.

Dan Xu: ‘’With the innovative integrated energy management, this greenhouse will be a pilot of sustainability!’’

The first tomatoes will be planted in mid 2025, and the first harvest is expected in the end of 2025!


Publicatiedatum: 13 mei 2024

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